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Residential Irrigation Pumps from Flint & Walling

Jul 5, 2024

By webfx

Lawns, gardens, and yards rely on irrigation systems that provide consistent water flow. These systems use pumps to move water directly from its source to the landscape, ensuring plants and crops remain verdant year-round.

Rely on Flint & Walling for Residential Irrigation Pumps

The right choice between irrigation pumps for lawns and garden beds depends on factors like operating pressure and your system’s flow rate. Explore our product categories to find the right irrigation well pump for you.

Centrifugal Pumps

These are the most common types of irrigation pumps. They spin water within the housing using an impeller and are often used as sprinkler pumps. These pumps are placed aboveground or atop the water source and connected by a pipe. They’re budget-friendly and easy to install, making them a popular choice for residential use.

Flint & Walling carries high-power, single-stage, and multistage centrifugal pumps, offering efficient and convenient plumbing. Our single- and multistage centrifugal pumps are non-self-priming and are both suitable for various settings, including high-head applications for the multistage pump.

Lawn Sprinkler Pumps

Lawn sprinkler pumps deliver high capacity and flow rate. Like centrifugal pumps, sprinkler irrigation pumps draw water from the source and disperse it using an impeller. Sprinkler pump propellers can be installed vertically, horizontally, or angled. Unlike many centrifugal pumps, they typically do not have to be primed.

Our sprinkler pumps have a self-priming feature, meaning there’s no need to fill them with water before use. This saves time and labor for the user and makes the pump more convenient.

Irrigation Controllers

In addition to water pumps, we also have preprogrammed controllers that automate irrigation. They automatically turn the sprinkler system on and supply water to your lawn according to your needs. They’re efficient and help reduce water wastage.

Our irrigation controllers don’t require the help of a field technician. They’re compatible with centrifugal pumps that run on a 3-horsepower motor and work well with different sizes of pressure tanks, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Find a Flint & Walling Contractor or Distributor in Your Area

Having a reliable residential irrigation pump is vital to lush landscaping. Find the best residential irrigation pumps for your needs and budget at Flint & Walling. Contact us for expert water pump recommendations or visit a contractor or distributor near you.