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More Pressure Where You Need It: F&W Booster Pump Systems

Jun 10, 2022

By webfx

Looking to Boost Your Water Pressure?

Are your customers complaining about poor water pressure? As the demand grows for more water pressure in homes (multiple showers, laundry, irrigation systems, etc.) customers are finding that municipal water supplies aren’t measuring up. Flint & Walling offers an all-in-one solution with its VP Series of City Water Booster Pump systems.  These compact and quiet units are plug-and-play and plumb directly in-line with existing municipal water systems.


Beyond providing a pressure boost, these units offer self-diagnostic features that extend the life of the pump and provide peace of mind for the homeowner. This pump will only turn on when demand requires it to do so, saving on energy costs. While running, the unit can recognize low flow and shut down to protect from running dry. It will turn on hourly to test water flow and continue running or shut down based on what the unit detects.

Once installed ensured to follow these steps to prime the pump;

(Ensure pump is powered off)

1. Unthread the air relief plug

2. Close by-pass ball valve and open inlet and outlet ball valves slowly

3. Allow water to fill pump cavity and remove in-line air pockets

4. After pump cavity fills with water, retighten the air relief plug

Need more information- check out our City Water Pressure Booster Training Module or check out our archived webinar

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