Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP)

To maintain the reputation of our loyal professional customers, the strength of the FLINT &
WALLING, INC (F&W) brand, and the integrity of our established sales territories, Flint & Walling,
Inc. has established this IMAP Policy (the “Agreement”) to be enforced equally across all online
sales channels.
Terms of Agreement:

  1. Wholesaler / Distributor / E-Retailer may not use or alter any copyrighted material,
    unregistered or registered trademarks or service marks, product or brand images, or other
    intellectual property belonging to Flint & Walling, Inc without prior written consent from the
    Flint & Walling Marketing Manager
  2. Wholesaler/ Distributor / E-Retailer agrees that any e-commerce/online resale or
    redistribution will be made with full transparency under the wholesaler’s / distributor’s /
    e-retailer’s name. If customer chooses to utilize an alternative seller name, the
    wholesaler / distributor / e-retailer must register thedomain name(s) with Flint & Walling
    Marketing Manager prior to selling Flint & Walling, Inc. product from such domain.
  3. Wholesaler/ Distributor / E-Retailer agrees to provide ‘ship-to’ analytics upon request for
    proper payment disbursement to established sales territories in an excel format stating
    quantity sold, Flint & Walling model number, ship-to zip code, and sell price.
  4. All wholesalers / distributors / e-retailers engaging in e-commerce agree to Flint &
    Walling, Inc internet minimum advertised price (IMAP) policy as statedbelow:
    Flint & Walling, Inc product at or above current list price x .90 multiplier
    a. Flint & Walling, Inc list price is defined as the published list price in the most current
    catalog on FW0004
    b. It is the responsibility of the reseller to obtain and maintain Flint & Walling, Inc current
    list prices, and they must update their advertised online price on the date that Flint &
    Walling, Inc price updates become effective.
    c. If one or more products are advertised online in a non-password-protected format or
    in a non-shopping-cart format at a price lower than the minimum advertised price, the
    reseller will be deemed to be in violation of the Flint & Walling, Inc IMAP policy.
  5. Flint & Walling, Inc will follow the sequence below for violations of this IMAPAgreement.
  • First violation within a 365-day period: Reseller shall bring allnon-complying
    materials into compliance within 10 days from written notice.
  • Second violation within a 365-day period: Adjustment of distributor’s discount
    multiplier at Flint & Walling, Inc’s sole discretion on all models of product in violation
    for 30 days. Reseller shall bring all non-complying materials into compliance within 5
    days from written notice.