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Troubleshooting Poor Operation

Jun 10, 2022

By webfx

Poor Pump Operation? Try This!

Troubleshooting any electrical pump motor can be a daunting task, especially while in the field. If the pump seems to be operating poorly and you need a simple trick to help troubleshoot, you can take an amp reading wile the motor is running.

The correct FLA (full load amp) draw can easily be found on the centrifugal motor’s nameplate or obtained for a submersible motor in either the manufacturer’s documentation (such as submersible motor field guides) or by calling the support team.

If the amp reading is low, the motor is not being loaded by the pump end. This could be caused by a worn or blocked impeller. If the amp draw is high, it could mean that there are either issues with the motor bearings or sand/debris is obstructing the impeller(s).


In the event of an obstructed impeller, simply remove the obstruction by flushing with water or use higher water or air pressure if it is available.

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