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Say Goodbye to Algae Buildup: F&W Fountain Pond Pumps

Jun 10, 2022

By webfx

Keep Your Ponds Healthy All Season Long

Algae, mosquitos, stagnant water are things you never want to see in your pond. Water movement is essential in keeping these items away and creating a healthy environment for the aquatic life. Choosing a pond pump is an important step on your way to properly circulated water.


Flint & Walling fountain pond pumps operate in 5′ (1.5m) of water or deeper. These pumps are UV-resistant and will not water-log ensuring a smooth operation. Comes equipped with a 6″ (115 cm) diameter, slotted PVC screen that provides a large surface area to filter debris and draw water from below the pond surface area.

These pumps offer three interchangeable spray nozzles that create different displays: water lily, water trumpet, and sky cannon. These floating fountains are even more dramatic at night with the addition of a ‘Night Bright’ lightning system. The three light, 120V, 120-watt equivalent systems includes stainless steel housing that can be easily installed onto the float. The fountain control center includes an adjustable 24-hour timer for controlling the ‘Night Bright’ lightning system.

These systems are plug and play, allowing for a simple install and peace of mind that you are on the way to healthier water system. Contact us today to learn more about how Flint & Walling can help with you your pond pump needs.