Louisville, Kentucky

Zoeller Company

The main headquarters for Zoeller Company is located in Louisville, KY, where it was founded in 1939. Zoeller has continued to expand its facilities over the decades to incorporate more manufacturing area, more office space, and its latest addition, the Center For Excellence, a state-of-the-art training center.



The Louisville location is where all products are manufactured for Zoeller Pump Company, Zoeller Engineered Products, and Clarus Environmental. This location is also home to Zoeller’s corporate operations as well as the international sales for all divisions of the corporation.

3649 Cane Run Rd.
Louisville, KY USA 40211
Phone: +1-800-928-7867
Phone: +1-502-778-2731
Fax: +1-502-774-3624
Product Support: zcotechnical@zoeller.com